Hi Guys,

I have a 2006 BMW 120D that i have had for approx 4 weeks. I noticed that the car didnt seem as good on fuel as I expected and when I looked at the trip computer it said i was getting 36.2mpg, which i thought was quite low. I reset the trip computer and drove to work and back (approx 80 miles, of which about 65 are motorway miles) i then looked at the trip computer and I was getting around 49mpg, which looked better.

I hve now done around 300 miles since i reset my trip comp, of which around 200 are motorway miles and i have tried to drive as economical as possible (believe me i mean economical) and now the mpg has already dropped down to around 37mpg. Can anyone please explain this? This is nowhere near where I think it should be and is baffling me!

I am also having another problem with the car and i am unsure if it is related. Upon start up of the car, i persume when the engine is cold, for the first 10 miles ish the car judders in first gear, as if it is about to stall/cut out or like im not giving it enough revs etc. Can anyone help me with this? Hopefully it will be a quick fix. The car did have a turbo replacement in Aug 2012 and i hope it is nothing to do with that!