hi , recently bought 91 320i .posted in the e36 section about engine issues,now the windows have stopped working and when i drive down the road its started beeping at me! three short beeps about 1/2 a second apart usually just once. its coming from a unit in the kick panel immediately below the steering wheel it does it when the cars running fine usually any ideas what it means?
i had no warning lights so disassembled dash and all bulbs where missing replaced bulbs but engine warning light doesnt come on when key first turned.
any ideas why engine warning light doesnt work?
ive resoldered my comfort relay,no joy and replaced with the later relay secondhand still no joy anything else i can try before i fork out for a new one?moneys tight especially as ive just ordered a new lambda and plugs.
ide heard of an earth under the passenger seat but i have a large cluster behind the glovebox screwed to the bodywork,is this instead of the ones under the seat that go bad?ive checked and rechecked fuses is there another one for this circuit somewhere?its a four door with a sunroof and electric windows on the front windows only.
when i remove cover from relays everything works when i manually engage the relay. i have power to the relay (large red feed) but no power to the switches.