Hi Peeps,

I helped my friend purchase this car on the weekend and as per usual whenever you get a car secondhand you always find the battery dead. Ran it from London to Norwich and this morning the car was dead again. I went to the car this evening and notice that the stereo display is pulsing after the security LED Pulses to say stereo is alarmed. Can anyone tell me if they have had this issue with either the business stereo or similar symptoms. I don't really want to take this back to London if it's likely to be a bad connection or some stupid setting on the stereo. My friend has also told me that it beeps three times when she starts the motor up which it didn't do when we drove the vehicle away and not it's not three degrees.

Any light on this situation would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

Lucky spot with the display and to boot my local tesco was selling cathedral city mature (350g) for £1.04 so stocked up.