After some assistance, here's the story I park up my car at 5pm, the same way I always do leaving the lights in auto position, then 5hrs later knock on my door of my neighbour telling me,my lights are on, found this strange but when I go to find out they were on, so after entering car lights wouldn't go off the steering wheel was on and no engine wouldn't start so I called out recovery and they had the same couldn't turn off lights etc so in the morning lights were off but no power as most probably battery drained, so after bmw looked at the car told me I needed a new battery because it was below a level and they needed to do this to diagnose to see why what has caused the fault, so today they ring me saying since putting on new battery everything seems to be running ok but did warn me that it might be a intimet problem as they don't know why the lights came on and stayed on, however as I have a warranty which I'm not covered if just a battery so won't my money back off them, I feel there is a problem which has caused this and bmw want £159 an hour to look further but the guy said everything is ok but could happen again! Please has anyone had or no any reason in why this has happened???? The cost so far is at £530 seems a bit of a joke