Hi all I swapped my clocks on my x5 the car is a 2000 4.4l sport model . Since swapping clocks it threw up lots of warning lights . I have ABS LIGHT and also light with exclamation mark in it that turns RED as soon as I start driving , also have ENGINE MANAGEMENT illuminated along with the TAMPER DOT . Ipurchased pa soft 1.4 installed all on my laptop plugged it in and it found NOTHING ?? so having read pages if info it seemed as my car was a 2000 it also has the round obd plug under the bonnet . So I purchased the necessary adapter plugged it in and NOTHING FOUND . So the chap impurchased software from said it may be a faulty unit ? So he sent another , I plugged it in both the obd 2 port inside and the round one under the hood . Same thing again NOTHING FOUND !? . SO I figured perhaps a different diagnostic item altogether may be tge key so impurchased one called NCS OR NCIS I cant actuaslly recall but it came highly recommendd from many folks on many forums , so software installed unit plugged in and being as its a bit more technical than the PA soft I am not too sure whats happening with it butnit does appear to basically be saying NOTHING FOUND Or initialization error ??? I have my old clocks which are totally shot as I attempted to repair pixelation but busted the tiny springs in the needles so they are useless . Unless someone can transfer all the working items from my replacement clocks and transfer to my originsl clocks or transfer the info from original clocks to replacement clocks ? Or just clear the errors and the lights ? Anythingnelse like mileage correction or tamper dot removal would be a bonus ? Please help I am at the end of my rope with this now and staring at all these lights whenever I drive it is driving me mad PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN IN ANY WAY YOU CAN WILL BE HUGELY APPRECIATED
Thanks in advance fellas !