Morning all

Hope everyone is well ?

I have an issue which happened last night on my drive home, I noticed that the rev counter was very high (Hitting 5000) revs in 5th Gear, I had the radio on and thought I was in 2nd screaming home - Double check and sure enough I was in 5th - Got home and noticed when I took the key out the rev counter rested at 2500 without the engine running, when I turned the car over it still sat at 2500 - The car is not over-rev'ing just seems that the needle has stuck in that position and the car seems to be using 2500 revs as a start point. I open up the hidden menu and tried option 2 which is the cluster test again the rev counter starts from the current position of 2500 goes right across to max and rests back at 2500.

Also, my airbag warning light came on about 3 days prior to this, Dont know if this is connected or not.

I did have the car washed via jetwashing over the weekend aswell, I have noticed another user on this forum who had exact same problem after his car being jetwashed however he got no response to his question - So I'm still stuck :-)

Only thing I've done different is Yesterday I decided to leave the keys in the car with the radio on for 4 Hours, started to panic when I couldn't find them but they were in the car for the whole afternoon in the car park

Cheers all - Richard