Hi- I've just stumbled across the forum and was hoping that someone may be able to shed some light on an issue where I feel I'm throwing good money after bad.

About 9 months ago my car went into my local Indy as the EML was on. It was diagnosed as an issue with the air flow meter...everything needed flushing out, a new air flow meter was fitted and other stuff done (you'll have to excuse my lack of technical knowledge here). Not cheap...came in at close to £1000 (but there were some other bits done at the same time). The light has been on intermittently ever since. We've spent a further £300 having another potential cause/part replaced and the garage have also cleaned out other parts at different times. Each time the light come back to us as ‘off’ but then returns ‘on’ but then goes on and off intermittently.

It's gone back in again and this time we've been told that we need to part with a further £500 -they will need to remove the manifold and clean out the engine as they think that there is a large carbon build-up in the engine and that is causing the problem.

I guess what I'm trying to work out is whether I am being treated reasonably by the garage. I've used them for a while and they have been fine, but I have spent over £1000 having a problem fixed (that still isn't fixed) with the prospect of throwing in a further £500. Additionally, it seems that the latest issue may actually have been the root of the problem and had this been diagnosed first then the other costs might not have been necessary.

Anyway, I have no real technical understanding and would be grateful if anyone can advise me to either pay the bill or get a second opinion/question what has happened to date.