I am fitting a 525 diesel manual power plant to my 41 Chevy and I am really struggling with getting it to fire up. I have fitted the complete wiring loom fuse boxes relays etc into the Chevy with steering column pedals so it all should work together.

It is an EMS 1 system so non coded pump. It makes what seems to be the right sounds when ignition is turned on and will turn over on the key, the in tank lift pump works ( I hot wired it) but the injector pump does not deliver the fuel.

So my questions are.

As the starter works it indicates that the immobiliser is working but is it missing a secondary signal to the ECU? So I assume the EWS relay is getting the right signals.

The diagram does not show a relay to the injector pump but is there one I can/should hotwire.

How to I eliminate the immobiliser from the circuit and will this reduce my variables.

To be sure please tell me if the fuel in feed to the injector pump is the top pipe as photo

Any help would be appreciated as the car is nearly finished just needs to start.