Hi All,

This is really just a further confirmation of a good steer, for anyone new to this area of interpreting faults from your OBD2 system; mine use is on a 330D E46 2004

I hope some of you find this useful - I picked up a link from a past post on the same subject for a supplier on Ebay - also will supply direct - Home - Jimmy who runs this is an absolutely top man that gave excellent after sales support.

I am based in NZ, and after having issues with software loading to use his product, he gave advice, and suggested he could remotely install the software for me, using Team viewer, a free downloaded software, on a windows 7 64bit OS, which I was having compatibility issues with, with the older software.

Bearing in mind that we are 11hours ahead of the UK, this meant early or late for one of us, and Jimmy quite cheerfully spent over two hours, starting at 10pm UK time to install 4 sets of BMW OE diagnostic software, making sure all the system tests were correct, in car connectivity checking, and still took the time to give me on hand training whilst plugged into the car ! all this at no cost to me, from 16000miles away, and the connecting cable, (USB Serial converter) - costs just £25 !!!- he got it to me international airmail in about 3 working days.

What a bargain - I spent much time looking over the various ubiquitous china made universal OBD2 readers available, and few i believe, would give the detailed access that you get from the experience and professionalism of this man, any one who is doubtful that they will have the ability or aftersales back-up or effectiveness needed, with these cables can be totally assured by my experience that this is the place to go.

reading fault codes, establishing whether faults are historical or current, frequency of occurance, resetability, and detail of the root of the fault, what the code means, is straight forward - not just a factory code - it's all available for this small investment - you end up with the same level of software available to BMW dealers, and as used at the factory - absolutely wicked

in my opinion every BMW owner should have one of these in his toolkit, I can't wait to get at sorting the DSC faults, Reversing sensor faults etc etc, that previously I either had to just live with, take much time to research and trial & error cure, or face big dealer bills to sort, so I will keep you informed of the accuracy of diagnosis and fault curing time, a I deal with each

hope this helps some of you, and thanks to others for your useful contributions . . . . .

Now I just have to find a tech that can do my ECU remap across the waves by Team viewer . . anyone know of one??

cheers all