Hi Guys,

My 330d failed to fire up the other day (after 2 days out of use) everything looked fine but just no response to the Start button

Left it and used my spare car, next morning went to the car battery dead not a glimmer on anything so connected my charger after a few minutes the doors unlocked so left it an hour
Came back to the car and could hear the cooling fan then a pump from the vicinity of the fuel tank was operating evey few seconds (this was with no key in the ignition) further investigation loads of clicking around the engine sounding like the injectors.

This time the engine turned but didnt start and a whole lot of messages appeared on the I-drive - Gearbox failure, ABS, DSC (I've had these before but a key out and back clears them)

Something serious here so I went to disconnect the battery (box 3/4 full of water) anyway pulled off the neg lead, front carpets are also wet underneath especially drivers side

Anyone had a similar problem? It looks to me that I might have water somewher affecting the Canbus. Torrential rain over the w/e and car was paked on a slope

Regards Ian