2004 E60 530D how i got my pdc fixed


Thread: 2004 E60 530D how i got my pdc fixed

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  1. 2004 E60 530D how i got my pdc fixed 
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    hi everyone,
    pdc's seem to be giving alot of bother so here is my story, i have a 04 530d and when i put it in reverse or activated the pdc button my display lit up to red on the back passanger side and two middle sensors as if there was something behind the car,reading the forums i checked to see if the sensors were clicking and all the sensors were clicking properly, a friend suggested it might be the control box since it was affecting so many sensors so i got one on *ba* and tried it but still the fault was there so i booked the car into the main bmw dealer in sligo "big mistake" they put the car on the machine but although there was obviously a fault the machine didnt pick it up "the car thought there was something behind it" so they said, so they took the back bumper off and checked the wires and they were ok, then they swaped the connectons so the back sensors were the front on the display and front were the back, the fault moved to the front on the display which suggested it was the sensors but couldnt garrentee it, if i wanted to order sensors they wouldnt take them back if it didnt cure the fault i said no thanks and went home €212 out of pocket and pdc still not working, i ordered 3 sensors on *ba* and when 2 of them arrived a friend managed to get his hand in and change the back corner sensor passenger side, but the fault was still there so next step was a local macanic who took of the back bumper and put the new sensors in the middle and the old sensor on the corner and yeepee it worked, then the third one arrived which is a spare now,so i maybe wrong but it seems they are wired in line so when one or two was faulty it was affecting the rest of the line so if i may suggest to anyone with the same type of fault looking at the back of the car number one is on the drivers side and four the passanger so if start with the lowest number and change it first and so on, hope this helps my next task is refurbing the alloys since ive got the tinkering bug now!!

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    The main dealer should have looked at the live data, that would have shown the faulty sensor up, they all should read from 255mm downwards to 0 when there is no room left..

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