Hi guys,
I've got a strange problem with the Schnitzer door mirrors on my 04 330ci Ragtop. A couple of weeks ago they stopped working altogether, apart from the kerbside function on the nearside, then oddly enough, after pressing one of the preset seat buttons, the mirrors started working again. Yesterday, whilst out on a journey, I saw the drivers door mirror adjust itself, so I glanced across at the nearside, and that had already adjusted inwards to its max limit! After parking up, and attempting to re-adjust, I soon realised that the direction in which you moved the joystick, wasn't relating to the direction of the mirror(either one); it was almost totally opposite, but not quite. After a while, and a bit of juggling, I did get them something like, but after about 20mins, they were on the move again! I also have noticed if you move the centre switch to either side, each mirror will often move on its own, without touching the joystick. I think it must be a wiring fault, & not a switch prob as I first thought, but as usual, I would greatly appreciate any advice/suggestion/known fixes please. I've reset them again, and they are holding at the moment; don't ask me if the kerbside function still works; I haven't dare try it in case it upsets everything!! Regards Dave.