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  1. 2003 E46 Compact - HID Conversion/Xenon Bulbs 
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    Hi guys
    Im new to the forum so please excuse any stupid questions.
    After noticing on this forum that a lot of people have HID conversion headlights, i think they look really good and i am interested in converting my E46 compact. But i do not know much about HID conversions so i have a couple of questions...

    What is the difference between a HID conversion & replacing halogen bulbs with the good xenon bulbs that are available?

    With HID conversions, do you have to change your sidelights and foglights aswell?

    Ultimately, i am looking for some recommended Conversion Kits and distributors and also how much am i likely to pay for one?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Upgrading standard halogen bulbs to xenon bulbs is likely to give you a small improvement in night-time driving, and depending on which bulb you go for, a whiter light. Philips Xtreme Vision or Ultra Blue Vision are known to be very good, these generally cost around £20-£30 for a pair depending where you get them from (eBay, Powerbulbs.com, autobulbsdirect.co.uk)

    A HID conversion in my opinion is the better option, as you can get decent kits for around £60. If you want peace of mind, DSK on here has recently purchased a high-quality kit with warranty for just under £100 - check out his thread here - http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/...cluded-t27238/

    HID's give out a lot more light than standard bulbs or xenon bulbs.
    The light they give out is whiter and the bulbs last for a very long time, several times more than standard bulbs as well as being several times brighter.

    There's a variety of colour temps of HID kit you can purchase - the popular one (and best in my opinion) is 6000k - which is pure white, very bright light with a slight bluey tinge. 4500k-5000k is similar but with a tinge of yellow still so not pure white. 8000k is noticeably blue and doesn't give out as much light.

    Kits are easy to install, plug n play - you can't really make a mistake! The trickiest part of the installation is mounting the two ballasts - one for each headlight.

    There is a How-To on here for HID conversions on an E46 Compact - see here for the process involved: http://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/...ompact-t17372/

    You don't have to change your sidelights or foglights if you go for a HID conversion - bit people often change the sidelights to an LED-based bulb that gives out the same white light as the HIDs rather than keeping the standard yellowy light.

    Hope this helps.

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    HID's give out a much stronger light with lower power required. There is known issues with OBC so buy a good kit.

    I have osram night breakers at the minute - they are very good for std fit bulbs.

    I was planning on converting my E87 but i'm a little nervous due to the complicated CANBUS system fitted to the 1er and 3er.
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