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  1. 2003 E39 530 - Automatic boot-lock closing problem *FIXED* 
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    My tailgate boot-lid lock doesnt work.
    I mean the electric motor that pulls the hatch to a complete closing, or tighten the hatch down if you understand what i mean. I only get this weird sound when i try to open or close the lid, and sometimes it can move about 1mm.

    If you look at my video on youtube, you can hear the weird sound. Its like a wining sound.

    The sound comes from the motor that tightens the hatch.
    Today i was checking what i have had in mind for a few days, that the motor doesnt get enough power. And sure enough, i meassured about 0,40V when i press the open button on the tailgate.

    So, my problem is that there isnt enough power in the harness for the motor.
    And im trying to find out where thees wiring goes, so i can check its power source.

    Anyone knows what i can check? All the fuses looks fine. What number should it be on the fuse for this? I have a german imported car, so a little hard to understand

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for the E39 touring 2003 model? I think that would help me alot!

    Or if someone knows what i should check Or where this motor gets its power from

    I have now found the source of my problem! It was the GM3 module.
    The boot lid motor gets its power from the GM3 module, and mine did not give any power. Got a new GM3 module, and everything worked just fine.
    I found one that matched my old part number.

    PS PS: If you change this module, it has to be encoded to your car, it will probably work fine(I used an uncoded for almost a year), but if your car is a touring, and the module is from a sedan, the boot lid wont open, the motor runs but doesnt stop at the right place for you to open. And maybe your sunroof will not work if the donor car did not have that and so on. Not a big deal. And if you have servotronic, i THINK you need a HIGH module, but not sure on that, the safest thing is to find one with matching PN.

    And BTW, the GM3 module, you can find behind the glowbox, it sits in the lowest part of the "rack", and has 3 plugs on it.

    I encoded the new module myselfe, using SSS/Progman and an OBD II cable.

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