Hi im a new member to this forum and ive just purchased a 318i ES that has an Engine Management Issue. The vehicle always displays the engine light and after a few minutes of driving the EML Light also displays and the vehicle drops into Limp Mode. Once I restart the car the EML Light disappears and the car continues to drive properly with no noises coming from the engine, no misfire just a nice smooth drive.

I've had a really good auto electrician have a look at the car and the following fault codes cannot be removed

285E Variable Valve Control Unit (internal failure)
2865 Power Supply Limit VVT Emergency

He is of the opinion that this could quite possible be a timing chain problem because this is a common fault with this particular model. If this is the timing chain why is the car still driving perfect and why does the EML Light NOT return and drop the vehicle back to limp mode?

Could this possibly be just a failed sensor and has anyone had a similar experience that they could help me with.

Thanx Guys