Can anyone help me or know of anyone in London that might be able to help with my very confusing problems developed by my car. Probably be easier if I list the faults which have developed, some have reduced frequency, some come and go, but no-body seems to be able to help, not even BMW.

1. Display Screen stays on after key is removed from ignition
2. Stereo sound cuts out intermittently and sound is very tinny
3. SVS voice recognition has stopped working
4. BMW assist page on i-drive jumps around
5. i-drive itself has become very slow witted

I can live all the other problems apart from the stereo cutting out, this happens on CD, Radio and T.V. there are clicks that come loudlyfrom the speakers like it is shorting on something.

The last two mornings when I have started the car when it has been sat all night, the sound is back to normal for around 7 seconds, then there is a screeching sound and the problem returns.

This is driving me crazy, can anyone out there help!