Wonder if anyone can help. I recently purchased the 2002 X5 4.4, when i picked it up from the garage the battery was flat, i wasnt too concerned as it was more than likely the cause of them having the doors open and lights on whilst valeting the vehicle for me. I set off driving and had the radio on, the radio continued to play but the screen went blank, but every now and then the screen seemed "jumpy" as though something was trying to come up on screen. To get the screen back i had to switch off the car and turn it back on again.

The dvd player didnt seem to work either it seemed like it was trying to load a disk (by the sound of it whirring in the back) but nothing appeared on screen. ( i have bought a new dvd player just needs fitting).

The Sat nav didnt work at all when i first got the car. A week later and last night whilst driving i hit a speed bump a bit hard and it started to suddenly work. This morning however i hit another speed bump and now it makes the screen blank again.

The auto changer hasnt worked at all, it wont even eject anything. I know auto changer dont last forever, but just seems like everything electrical that could have an issue, has.

I have noticed the air compressor not coming on all the time either.

The phone kit not coming on all the time either. I havent linked it with my blackberry yet as the bluetooth wasnt able to set up. (i have heard it is a pain to set up so wasnt too concerned about this, and would try again at a later time).

Does anyone know of any electrical issues that could cause this? I was thinking maybe something loose in the back?? An earthing cable or something? Spoken with my auto electrician and at first sight he said he isnt sure. And is now too busy to have another look!!

Any suggestions of what i can try myself would be greatly appreciated,


Just another note to add, the garage told me they replaced the battery recently on the car.