2002 E46 330CI - Recurring Flat battery problem


Thread: 2002 E46 330CI - Recurring Flat battery problem

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  1. 2002 E46 330CI - Recurring Flat battery problem 
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    I have posted many queries on this topic and tried all the methods suggested to me to try and sort the problem but have had no luck. This is a final post in a vain attempt to fix the problem before I finally give up altogether,

    The car was crash repaired, not very well (and an expensive way to learn by my mistake), and I have spent a considerbaleamount of money getting it properly repaired, and safe.

    Since repairing the car It has also had M3 style mirrors fitted and all in one headlights with angel eyes. Nothing else new apart from these 2 parts. Although both had to be wired differently to get them to work and the mirrors still arent right, as the plugs were different and not for the memory function.

    The problem to begin with seemed to stem from the climate control and the hedgehog (Final Stage Resistor)was duly changed. This seemed to correct it for a while and the battery only drained when the heat control was used.

    In the end up I have removed the climate control altogether, also the head unit for the sat nav and ICE. The previous owner also had an after market dvd fitted which I also removed. There is still some wiring for this connected to the system in the left hand side of the boot where all the other ICE and Sat Nav stuff is, but didnt want to pull it all apart. I think it was the av input output.

    Anyway the car has been starting no problem with no battery drain for about 5 weeks until today when the same thing happened....completely dead.

    I did however hear a sort of click/pop noise coming from the back left of the car where all the gubbins is before getting nothing form the battery.

    The lights and everything still all work but the engine wont start.

    It is a brand new battery and has been checked and is charging fine.

    I have looked locally and it seems there are no auto electricians available any where near me, and I have searched high and low. There is usually someone somewhere who can fix these things but apparantly not here....(maybe a good business opportunity in this somewhere!!!!!).

    So, any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to travel if anyone can recommend a good auto electrician or if anyone reckons they could fix it.

    I really like the car but this is starting to be a pain now and Im getting close to throwing in the towel and putting down to experience and get another car.

    Ok, I thinks thats it guys.......and gals.

    Over to you geniuses


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    Search the forum using the terms 'parasitic drain'

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    "...and tried all the methods suggested to me" Have you done the ammeter test...


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