2002 E46 330CI , new mirror wiring problems!!


Thread: 2002 E46 330CI , new mirror wiring problems!!

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  1. 2002 E46 330CI , new mirror wiring problems!! 
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    Reposted here as I think I posted in the wrong section before, hopefully get some help here.

    Hi Guys,

    I have fitted angel eyes and m3 style mirrors to my car this week. The Headlamps look great as do the mirrors. Unfortunately though the wiring in the new mirrors is different to the original ones that came off.

    I spoke to the guy who sold me them before buying, who said that they would fit no problem. However there are only 6 wires on the new mirrors and there are a lot more on the originals, and the connectors are different as well.

    I have managed to get them fitted fine, but the wiring has caused me some problems. I took the connectors off the old mirrors and tested what wires did what and fitted it to the new mirrors wires.

    They work to some extent, when putting the car in reverse the mirror automatically adjusts downwards but has to be reset manually when moving forward.

    Ive also found that there was no motor in the drivers door mirror.

    What Im hoping someone can help with is if they know if there are any connectors that will do the job so the mirrors will work correctly. Also if anyone can tell me if it is possible to run a couple of wires from the passenger sidemotor to the drivers side motor to get this working as well or will they have to be wired from somewher else?

    I hope this makes sense, and sorry for the waffle.



    PS link to mirrors which I bought is


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    Your link isn't working.

    I'd suggest looking on here at the wiring diagrams section, http://www.bmw-planet.com/diagrams/release/en/

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