Big help needed people.

Last week my engine management light came one (yellow) I noticed no loss of power at all and no change in the way the vehicle performed. From the idle to the actual driving.

Had the RAC out to read the fault codes, at this point it would be really handy to list the codes... but A. I dont think that the RAC codes are the same as genuine diagnostics? and B. I don't have them to hand...

But from memory they were.

- Something MAF related
- Bank 1 - permissible range exceeded
- Bank 2 - permissible range exceeded
- Camshaft sensor... I think?

Anyway, cleared the codes, ad it went on for a week, being driven every day and it didnt come back on... Result... No

Tonight it has come on again and although I will get the RAC out again tomorrow to double check, I dare say it will be the same codes.

I do have a BMC carbon intake and have had it on the car for a couple of years now. Could this be the culprit? the vehicle has done 140k miles now, could i just need a new MAF?

Any other ideas and/or advice would be massively appreciated....

Thanks in advance.

Cheers people