In case any of you are still interested, I purchased the reamining interior LEDs from SSDD and fitted them over the weekend for £48.50. I got 4No. 501 (wedge bulb) LEDs for the front and rear reading lights and 5No. festoon bulbs for the vanity lights, glove box and boot. Given that SSDD sourced these separately for me I am amazed at the match to the courtesy bulbs they provided in their kit. They are identical and really do finish off the interior nicely, filling the car with an impressively bright white light. Although at a cost of £96.45 for the interior lights (and £33 for the number plate lights) this mod worked out more expensive than I originally thought it would, I am really pleased with the finish and would definitely recommend it. It is a nice subtle touch that helps distinguish it from other cars and once you see a car lit up with the OEM bulbs you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner.