Hello guys,

I have come across a little problem today. Cars currently being worked on so has been sitting around with a flat battery for a few weeks. I put it on charge yesterday, and today when i disconnected the charger and went to start the car, my rear O/S window started opening itself.

OK, that's not a problem. I'll just put it back up right?

Unfortunately not. It doesn't go back up. I've tried putting it back it with the switches, key, with the hood... Nothing! :(

Anyone had a problem like this before? I've never heard any strange noises coming from the rear window or anything, It went down as it usually does, but doesn't go back up! :(

I'm thinking window regulator, But don't want to strip everything down, to find out all I needed to do was XYZ.

I've also read it could be the GM5 module?

Thanks in advance for any replies!