2001 (y) 320d saloon central locking from keyfob (again)


Thread: 2001 (y) 320d saloon central locking from keyfob (again)

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  1. 2001 (y) 320d saloon central locking from keyfob (again) 
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    Hi Experts,

    I know this is quite a frequent topic but I have a couple of questions nevertheless. Firstly let me describe the problem.

    Over time the key fob was getting a little slower to unlock the car (as if the battery was dying). One day it stopped completely, so I started using the 'key in the lock' routine, no problem. Then the lock barrel broke (ring inside the barrel) so now I need a new one and to figure out the central locking issue.

    now then,

    I have had the key fob apart and the battery reads 3.14v, after an initial probe with a continuity tester I reckon the solder joints (as described in other posts) are ok (??). I have also tried that 'reinitialisation' trick and (assuming I got it right) it doesn't do anything.

    The door lock button in the centre console works fine and the locks slam open and shut. having removed the key barrel and cheated the lock at the door, again the locks open and shut. Can I therefore assume that the relays are OK ??

    Now I'm not saying i'm altogether right here but.. if the keyfob is ok and the relays are ok, where do I look next ??

    Any help would be gratefully received.

    Also, last year I had an ABS sensor replaced on one of the back wheels (it controls the speedo also) but I can't remember which one. Recently it went again but this time intermittently, almost as if the connection was loose. now it's gone so no speedo etc again. Question is then which wheel is it ? and should it fail within a year ? (dunno if it was an after market one. it cost around £20 ??).

    Again any help would be magic,

    All the best


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    The sensor on the Nearside Rear (passenger side rear) does the speedo and ABS e.t.c, if it has gone again then get the fault codes read first

    If it was a aftermarket sensor then it's still early for it to have failed already. And a genuine sensor costs around £110 so if it was £20 then it definitely was a aftermarket item.

    As for your locking problem it would be a good idea to get the fault codes read first for the cars locking system, this will help point to any problems

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