Hi All,
I drive a 2001 E46 325i Tourer, just fitted a oem sat nav package from a broken 330d. All works well but i have a last connection from the nav unit which is puzzling me a bit. would really appreciate help if anyone knows the answer. Question- Philips 22sy591/23e 2001 cd based nav unit has a 2 wire violet plug at the back aswell as a blue plug. I want to know where i connect the 2 wires from the nav as the other end plug is missing, the wire colours are blue/yellow and green/yellow. I have searched forums with no joy apart from possibilities that is maybe a reverse signal connection. I have noticed in my car that my that my PDC Control unit for the reverse sensors has 2 wires in the loom which are the same colour but i want to be sure of a connection before i do it. Hope some one can guide me please.