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  1. 2000 M43 compact to M44 1997 
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    Hi HELP
    2000 316 compact M43 to 1997 M44
    Have spent allday doing the engine change.
    Done all the bits to find out the EWS from the M44 does not fit loom on the compact ready to fire but if it was easy every body would do it.
    The M44 ecu is chipped and would like to keep it.
    Has anybody come across this problem before?
    Thanks H

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    sure a couple of members have done this conversion have a search in the engine conversions sections

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    As some of you may have noticed, some later compacts came with EWS 3 instead of the more usual EWS2.
    EWS 3 (as opposed to EWS 3.2) has only limited information available on it.

    EWS3-D was introduced from 9/98 onwards. Although the Engine ECU is the same part, the EWS3 controller has a different plug.

    The plug is known as X1659

    Pin 1 -2.5mm Black/Yellow - Output to starter relay
    Pin 2 -0.35mm White/Violet - connects to any diagnostic line (K-Line)
    Pin 3 - 2.5mm Green/Black - Start signal (+12v) from ignition barrel
    Pin 4 - 0.35 Green - Code signal to ECU -> Pin 10 on ECU.
    Pin 5 - Red/Yellow -Permanent Power supply from fuse 31 / fusebox.
    Pin 6
    Pin 7 - Brown - Ground
    Pin 8 - 0.5mm Black/Green from ZKE/ZVM body control module (deadlocked = no start)
    Pin 9 - 0.5mm Brown/Black - Gear Selector switch (Park/Neutral) for automatic transmission
    Pin 10
    Pin 11
    Pin 12 - 0.35mm Black - TD/Engine RPM signal
    Pin 13 - 0.35mm Blue - Data line from send/receive module
    Pin 14 - 0.5mm Blue/Red/Yellow - Vehicle Alarm Signal - (active alarm = no start)
    Pin 15 - 0.35mm Black/Green CODE function from EWS. Grounding this wire stops the vehicle starting

    These are the important pins-

    5 and 7 ground to power the unit up

    1 and 3 - The EWS box contains a relay that interrupts the starter motor. Bridging the pins will always allow the
    engine to turn over, but without the EWS code, the ECU will not inject fuel or spark. 3 is power in, 1 is power out to the starter.

    2- Diagnostic line - trust me, this will come in handy - it is bi-directional so can be added into any part of the K-Line (also known as TxD) The car will run without this, but it should be connected up.

    4 - Coded EWS signal to the ECU. This signal is the serial number from the ECU. If it does not receive the signal, the ECU will refuse to start.

    13 - Data line from the send/receive module. The send receive module is a small black modem that connects to the ring antenna around the ignition barrel. There are 2 small plugs on this, a 2 wire plug which goes to the ring antenna, and a 3 wire plug of power, earth, and the data line that links into pin 13 of the EWS.

    EWS3 Pinouts-

    Plug Name - X1805

    Pin 1 - Ground
    Pin 2 -Permanent Live from fusebox F31
    Pin 3 -0.35mm Brown/Black - 12v when clutch depressed
    Pin 4 - 0.35mm White/Violet - connects to any diagnostic line (K-Line)
    Pin 5 - 0.35mm Black - TD engine RPM signal from ECU/Instrument Cluster
    Pin 6
    Pin 7 - 2.5mm Black/Yellow - Output to starter relay
    Pin 8 - 2.5mm Black/Green -12v from Ignition switch / Start Signal
    Pin 9 - Power supply from fuse 41- hot in acc/run/start.
    Pin 10 - 0.35mm Yellow/Blue - Direct the EWS ring antenna
    Pin 11 - 0.35mm Yellow/Brown - Direct to EWS ring antenna
    Pin 12 -
    Pin 13 - 0.5mm Black/Green - From ZKE Body control module
    Pin 14 - 0.35 Green - Code signal to ECU -> Pin 10 on ECU.
    Pin 15 - 0.5mm Blue/Red/Yellow - Vehicle Alarm Signal - (active alarm = no start)

    EWS3 removes the Send/Receive module and intergrates it into the EWS controller.

    Important pins -

    1 and 2 - main power supply
    Pin 3 - These cars will have a clutch switch fitted. Bridge this pin to 12v+ to remove it

    4- Diagnostic line- Please connect!

    7-8 These are the starter interrupt wires. bridging these will always allow the engine to turn over, but may hide other problems.
    8 is power in, 9 is out to the starter

    9- Ignition on- this powers up the unit from "sleep"

    10-11 - to the EWS ring antenna

    14 - EWS serial number "unlock signal" to ECU.

    You won't need to worry about the diagnostic line as much, but might as well connect it up.
    Looking at it now, you'll need to swap the just the "important" wires, and get the send-receive box.

    It looks like the send receive box has 2 plugs, one to the ring aerial which is nice and easy, and the other plug will most likely be 3 pins, a power, an earth, and a data line.

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