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    Quote Originally Posted by compactM54 View Post
    Could you please explain what exactly you've soldered, I can't tell if you've soldrered an LED aftermarker cluster unit or one of those LED tower bulbs.
    The KS-BM043 number you've given rings no bells to me nor googl, if possible please clarify your problem and/or take some pics of offending items. Cheers.
    Hi CompactM54

    Thanks for being the only person willing to help!

    It is an aftermarket LED cluster which came with the car. I have resoldered LED's on the boards to the rear of the cluster itself. It has three boards of LED's. You simply unscrew the PCB's that are screwed into the plastic unit, unclip the wiring and it is free. Sorry no pictures, my phone cable is broken!

    I have also tried putting in a new earth to no avail. Brake light on this side is no longer working now either!

    Very confused

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    This is a forum with a very helpful community of members who help in their free time as and when they can and wish to do so. Nobody here is under obligation to help you, and you need to remember this is a free forum, not a garage or paid-for service.

    It sounds like there's a fair few things wrong with your electrics as more and more bulbs/lights don't seem to be working. Have you checked the alternator to make sure it's working correctly?

    As for the LED cluster, you've done a great deal already with no luck, so I would go about finding a source for an aftermarket LED cluster for E46 saloon.

    I would get your alternator checked in the meantime too.

    And again, please remember this is a forum and not a diagnostics service

    If the alternator seems to be faulty, or if you're not sure how to test the alternator, create another thread in this section (following the posting rules as below) and someone may be able to assist you in checking this.

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