Well I finally fixed it. The previous owner had removed the ASC and ABS yellow lights to hide an ABS problem. I replaced the LED lights and scanned the car. 2 bad ABS wheel sensors. I replaced those, cleared all the codes and now everything is working like it should.

I can only image that the previous owner had taken the car to a garage where they had said "oh it's probably the ABS pump and module, will cost £1,000+ to fix.." you know how garages are with their worst case scenario prices, rip offs.

The owner then has not wanted to fix it and removed the yellow LEDs so it would pass an MOT as they don't check for ABS problems if the lights are off. Stupid I know.

It's cost £45 to fix and about 4 hours work on the car. I'm glad I investigated this as I have a 4 year old son riding in the back. People can be so stupid at times. So 330downer, get the clocks out of your car and see if the LEDs are still there, if they are not, scan it and see what error codes are present.