I have just received the bypass bridge from a supplier on ebay, I wasn't sure if this was the problem as I have no idea what test to run, fitted the bridge and retested the airbag dash light still won't go out.

thinking about the wiring the seat is just a pressure mat switch informing the computer there is a passenger in that seat therefore arming the airbag modules, If pressure mat switch is damaged and is fixed in the on or off position this will not bring the airbag light on.

I purchased B800 SRS scan & reset tool the car is not responding flashing E message, carried out some troubleshooting but car still not responding. This could be bigger job than expected would be grateful to some feed back to get this light out. I have reversed the power-up sequence and cycle powering the tool ignition on and off about 10 times. I have disconnected the battery activated the emergency flasher lights to drain down the ECUs and waited 15 minutes. The B800 manual talks about pin 19 I have not checked this out, they say to check if the diagnostic connector is not processed. Apparently a number of models had pin improperly installed. as any of you come across this pin problem ?.

I purchased the BMW 316i sport compact year 2000 about three months ago came with some issues most of them I have fixed so I have no history on the car. I have checked the plugs and wiring under the seats and found them all OK. Its not the original radio fitted, probably next step is take this out and check its been wired in correctly.

To take this car in to be repaired at garage would cost more than car is worth, the only way to get to the bottom of this problem is plug a laptop in with diagnostic software to check what causing the problem.

IF there is anyone that has come across this before I would very much appreciate some advice to resolve this airbag light.