Hi guys

I'v had my car MOT'd 2 weeks early so I can sort any issues,

Aside from the 4 tyres it requires and an emmisions failture there is nothing major needed, however I have baught a BMWScan 1.3.6v.

after replacing a ignition coil and all 6 spark plugs I cleared all my fault codes and went for a nice 20 mile drive,

I now am left with 7 errors


1st, the PDC codes are not able to be read, however they can be cleared. I cleared the code, started the engine engaged reverse and then the unreadble codes come back immidiatly. I should point out that the reversing sensors do not work other than a 5 second tone after engaging reverse

2nd, The DME Error codes are 55/116 and 227/241, which I think are, Oxygen sensor heater pre-cat (Bank 2)/Output voltage for potentiometer
operation 2 and Fuel trim (Bank 1), O2 control adaptation limit/Cyl. 4 misfire detected. I should point out I have just replaced the Ignition coil and spark plug connector on cylinder 4. The miss fire is by no means as prominent as it used to be.

3rd, The ABS codes are 148/0 and 152/0, I cannot find what any of the ABS codes are so i have no idea what is wrong. but i ran a instrument test on the instrument cluster and when i do all lights except the ASC/Traction control, ABS and SRS lights come on. which seems odd.

I would really appreciate any help you guys can administer.

PS, by the scratches and missing panels on the underside of the car plus a M3 bumper and non functioning parking sensors and a replaced door painted rear quarter, i have reason to belive my cars previous owner has seen the wrong side of a hedge backwards. Possibly not the best car to have baught but nice enough.