Hi im new to this forum and was wondering if anybody out there could shed any light on whats happening with my car . ive have the asc and hanbrake on , some times its just the asc light on its own , but the red handbrake light does nt come on unless the asc light is on , some times neither come on for a day or so then they will come on for a coulple of days , while both lights are lit the rev counter dies , mpg gauge dies , temp gauge goes to hot , the air con stops working so does the rear screen heater. ive had the car scanned and the following codes have come up :- 4 , 40 , 130 , 168 . ive tryed looking the codes up i couldnt find anything for 4 , i got brake light switch or pedal value signal for 40 ,i got can bus faliure to communicate with asc module for 130 and i couldnt find anything for 168. i hope theres someone out there who could point me in the right direction of what to do next as im pulling my hair out and i aint got lot left lol.