1999 328i convertible 3g mk2 alarm problem.


Thread: 1999 328i convertible 3g mk2 alarm problem.

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  1. 1999 328i convertible 3g mk2 alarm problem. 
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    Hi Billywhizz1984.... I AM REALLY HOPING YOU CAN HELP ME!!!!

    You seem to be the alarm specialist here so here goes.... First of all after following your alarm identification guide and by the year of my car I believe I have the 3g mk2 alarm system. I have the red and grey button fob with the corner missing, led indicator by the gearbox, ultrasonic (whatever they're called) sensors on top of windscreen.

    Right... since a dead battery due to car bein parked up my alarm system has been playing up major. Before the dead battery all my alarm system did was lock and unlock the doors, no bleep bleep sounds on locking and unlocking (thought it should do but i understand it's a programable option), if i held the button down the panic siren would sound. it did not put windows up or down and did not attempt any kind of full closure.
    Since the dead battery the alarm system now attempts a full closure (windows and roof) which it does not complete fully with the button pressed once or held down. I can complete the full closure in stages by holding down the grey button until it stops and repeating this till the roof is securely closed and windows all the way up. Once this is done the alarm will self trigger constantly, hence me now locking the car using the key.

    I have had a BMW specialist look at it and plug his BMW alarm programming gadget thing to it and he says its not responding to any of his commands. He's told me the alarm is completely knackered his main reason being that my alarm should not ever be attempting a full closure lock as its not availiable on this alarm, where im confused is that if my alarm shouldn't do full closure then their must be an electrical connection somewhere or why else would it be doing it? the hood must be recieving some kind of power or message from the alarm for it to be doing it now!! This has somewhat clouded my confidence in this bmw specialist. He did however have a test alarm module which he tested on my car which made the bleep sound when locking and unlocking and worked fine, however once he locked the car after several seconds the siren woul sound and stay on for approx a minute which he said was normal because he had not fully installed and when it would be properly installed it wouldnt do that.

    Now he thinks i need a new alarm module and i cant find a 3g mk2 alarm black box anywhere, apparently the ones ive seen on ebay are the mk1 version and are no good. He did try bmw direct for me and they said £157 but they have none in stock anywhere including germany!!

    I suppose what im asking you is.... does this sound familiar to you, could you help? how do i differentiate between a mk 1 and mk2 black box? I did read ur write up on identifying muy alarm but are there any noticable diffrence between the actual modules (black box). Also i have seen mentioned that the fobs I have, have been used with the mk1 alarm too. Is this correct?
    I would like to keep my motor completely original including the alarm.

    Any advice, help and knowledge will be grately received and appreciated.

    Please forgive me if i have missed a post/thread on this matter... I have been searching and found a few similar but none with this problem. I dont really wanna scrap my box if its salvagable or if anyone could help with where i could get another module I'd appreciate it.
    Thank you for time.

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    Ok mate, here goes....Ive done a complete 3G mk2 retrofit into an E36 including total closure....what you're describing is indeed a 3G mk2, and a broken one at that. The fact that you are managing to get the windows to close using the UNLOCK button would suggest as much.
    As far as I am aware the 3G mk1 came with the option of total close, it was linked to the LED which was actually a button on that model which if you pressed it before you locked the car enabled the total close function. It seemed not to be an option on the mk2 but I have invented a box that will control it....more of that later.
    As far as identifying the control unit they are largely the same, the big exception is the mk2 came with a little rubber bung on the reciever part of the unit (bit with the single black wire coming out) which covers the coding switch. I believe Ive seen one in my local scrapyard but can double check next time Im in if you like.
    If you are interested in my total close solution have a look here: Guide. E36 - Retrofit 3G mk2 Alarm
    If it makes you go weak at the knees Ill happily knock one up for you for a few quid


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