Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I got this car for my son as his first car, it's got 200,000k's on it, but a great car. My problem is the starter spins but does not throw out to engage the starter ring. I removed the starter and found the shaft had a sticky layer of grease on it, so I cleaned it and left the shaft dry (as i was taught in 1977) so I stripped and cleaned out the starter and found it to be in good condition. It worked great for about a month and then had the same problem again, this time I cleaned the shaft and took some advice from an auto sparky and put a bit of the silver Loctite anti seize on the shaft, but this time it work good for 2weeks. This time I cleaned it and left it dry again but I know it's going to fail. Someone suggested the clutch could be failing and producing excessive dust. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.