Sorry if the answer to this is among the problems already posted in this forum but I've just spent the last three hours looking and cant find anything like this issue anywhere in here.
A few days ago I noticed that the left side low beam light was not working, with the light switch still on I turned the globe assy to remove it from the main light assy and as soon as it was removed the light came back on. I put it back into position and it stayed on. This was during the day so I didn't notice how long it stayed on for, but when I got out of the car the next time and checked, it was off again. I removed the globe assy again and as soon as it was removed it came back on, now the right side low beam is doing the same thing.
Could this be a similar issue to the high beam getting stuck on ? I've had the high beam problem also and fixed it, with help from this forum, by replacing the transistors in the LCM.