Hi all

Before i want to say i'm not english so , sorry for english mistake .

i have a 730i e38 1994 and i have a big problem with central locking :

when i want to open the door with remote key , anything apen , the key was out of battery , i change it but the key is unprogramed ...

When i open the door with manual procedure , alarm go on , warning , flash light and that fu....... immobilyzer ...

The problem is I can't reprogramme the key because i find no way to disable alarm

so everything i do turn on alarm and i can't reprogramm the key ...

if i turn key in driver's door , nothing apen , no central locking sound , but the car detect the movement because some comfort light switch on

i chek fuse , nothing , relay in zke , nothing

in zke i found 4 relay , 2 for rear windows , 1 for rear door and one for luggage compartment

1 question : where is the locking relay for front doors ?

2 how i can open driver door without alarm go on ?

Thank you for your answers .