1993 E36 M40 low idle when in drive or reverse


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  1. 1993 E36 M40 low idle when in drive or reverse 
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    Hi there everyone,

    I have been trawling through various bmw sites the last few weeks and despite from gathering lots of extremely usefull info I am unable to solve my problem so I have to ask for help.

    I have a 93 E36 with the M40 (I am in Australia) which is driving me crazy. The car will not idle correctly in drive or reverse, it basically drops to a point where everything starts to shake and vibrate, but will tick over perfectly in park or neutral. The car performs fine when driving.

    I have done the following recently;

    Fully rebuilt head after timing belt lost a few teeth!
    New waterpump, clutch fan, plugs, airfilter etc.
    Checked for air leaks, and that the gate on the MAF is free

    I have cleaned the original ICV multiple times, and even swapped it with several other secondhand units from other vehicles that were working ok.

    I have just cleaned the throttle body, and swappped the TPS with another without success tonight.

    My mechanic thinks it may be a faulty ECU??

    A couple of points to note are, if I disconnect the ICV the idle will rise to about 1100 rpm in park and will not drop when in drive or reverse, however if you put the aircon on the idle drops, I assume this is correct as when the ICV is connected the idle rises when the aircon is turned on.

    Several mechanics have looked for fault codes and found nothing

    I am desperate for help, any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Sounds to me like the auto box is at fault here, effectively dragging the idle down when engaged. Could be the torque convertor, the brake band solenoid valve or an internal mechanical failure. Either way I'd start of by checking that all the linkages from the selector and the throttle are correctly adjusted and all electrical connections are good.

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