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    Hi Guys,

    Just curious, i have what i think is called the 8 button computer in my 325,

    I've seen the 18 button computer for sale on ebay a few times and wondering if the 18 button computer will work in my 325.

    Is it a straight swop.


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    not sure mate, i think it may depend on wether ur car has the relevent sensors to support the extra buttons! i may be wrong tho!

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    E36 Multifunction Information Display computers.

    The 7 button MID has, temp, centigrade/Fahrenheit degrees, time/date, memo and set buttons on the centre interface panel. To the right it has h/dat and min/dat buttons.

    The 8 button MID has, set/reset and check control buttons on the centre interface panel. To the left it has 1000, 100, 10 and 1 buttons and to the right, clock and date buttons.

    The 11 button MID has, temp, Centigrade/Fahrenheit degrees, memo, set/reset and check control buttons on the centre interface panel. To the left it has 1000, 100, 10 and 1 buttons and to the right clock and date buttons.

    The 18 button OBC version(which is the only true On Board Computer) has, Consumption, temp, speed, distance, check control, range, code, limit, timer and km/mls buttons on the centre interface panel. To the left it has 1000, 100, 10 and 1 buttons and to the right it has clock, date, memo, set/reset buttons.

    Upgrading from the 8 or 11 button MID is easy enough if your car is pre-wired for the check control wiring, but you will also need a additional white connector that plugs into the back of the OBC. Also the 8 button MID doesn't have a outside temp sensor so this will need to be fitted also in the passenger side brake duct.

    Upgrading the 7 button unit to a full working 11 or 18 button version is a difficult task as I'm afraid you do not have the check control module in your car. You may be able to retro-fit check control but this would take many hours and involve a hell of a lot of wiring of sensors, the check control module and the changing of your rear lights too. All of the other functions will operate though if you add in the necessary wiring. If you decide to upgrade from the 7 button version to the 11, you will not need to wire in the addition plug that is mentioned in the guide as the 18 button version is the only one that requires 2 plugs to it.

    If you have an analogue or digital clock in your car, you too can upgrade this to an OBC but as with the 7 button version, I'm afraid you too will be unable to easily install the check control functions.

    Have a look at these guides here.

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