Hello i wonder if someone maybe able to help shed some light on acouple of faults i'm havin- the problem started when i went on holiday and left the car at my dads place- while i was gone i think he used it and said he attempted to operate the roof with no luck (due to the roof compartment was up in the boot), a wk later i came back to find my electric mirrors not folding in or out and my electric front windows not going up or down when the doors are open or closed,he said all he did was press and held afew buttons for afew seconds and nothing happened- he then pulled and checked every fuse in the car and said they were fine, since i've returned i have rechecked the fuses and are fine, tried to check the door connections,would be most greatfull for some information on this- could they be reset or could he have damaged a ecu/control unit for the roof/mirrors/windows many thanks Roy