Told by BMW the Performance brakes don't fit 2008 e92??


Thread: Told by BMW the Performance brakes don't fit 2008 e92??

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  1. Told by BMW the Performance brakes don't fit 2008 e92?? 
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    Was enquiring about the Performance brakes and exhaust and got this reply

    "As requested the prices for the BMW performance braking system and
    performance exhaust.

    Unfortunately you are unable to have the performance brakes - this was only
    available for 09/09 onwards vehicles.

    The exhaust is available and would work out £830 + VAT fitted but is
    currently on backorder so may take a little while to get hold of.

    Any questions please get in touch"

    Seems high for the exhaust and weird for the brakes....

    Anyone able to shed some light it's for a 330i e92 2008

    Cheers all

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    Hi Howie,

    I've recently been looking around for some performance brakes for my 2008 325i E92 and went to Mstyle first, they source from both BMW performance and Brembo. Obviously Brembo is stupidly expensive (£3.3k per axle) but he gave me a quote for the BMW performance brakes (front only as the rears are not available for the 325 model) of £1035.00 inc VAT and fittin wich Is a bit steep but then again it is BMW performance.

    Since the performance kit is available (if only for the front) for my 325 then i would assume there is no reason they can't be fitted to your 330i I don't believe there is any difference in the front brakes between the two models. Go to Mstyle and see if they can help you out.

    On a related note, I've been looking around for some rear brakes that would compliment the front BMW performance kit and have stumbled across some posts by other 325 owners that say they are using the 135 rear brakes sprayed to match the front brakes. The only issue they have is that you need a certain type of disc rotor to fit the 325's hand brake shoes. Could anyone shed some light for me?

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