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    Ride height is one of the big issues for me. I have had short springs at the rear for a few months and they have given the car a nice secure feel when it settles into a corner. Unfortunately, the ride height is too low for some of the wickedly fun places this car is driven (oops) and I need to return it to standard height. I may just fit standard springs or an M-tech spring with an extra spacer.

    The front needs about double the standard rate while retaining the standard height. There is nothing like this sitting on a shelf. I may be able to achieve this with a cut spring from a standard 6-cylinder spec but I shall have no idea until I have the spring dimensions and do the calculations. The alternative is to get the springs made but I know from past experience that you have to very sure about what you want or you end up the wrong spring and no chance of your money back.

    If anyone has a E36 320/323 front spring lying in their shed could they run a ruler over it for me? Outside diameter, wire diameter, free length and total number of coils are the basics. (Wire diameter accurate as possible.)


    I see from the recent threads, especially here, but also on other boards, that I am definitely not the only one looking for a "comprehensive set of info about springs and dampers".

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