Re-fitted rear shock with bump stops & dust covers

Difference in shock length

On inspection I could see from the little dirty bit at the top of the shock that OEM bump stops are too long, fitting full length bump stop would mean the car would crash into the them, possibly even sit on them if loaded with 4 people.

Cut down stops, (Half original length) I was going to buy new ones but £13 each from BMW

re fitted

& the fronts (very close to tyres!!!) think spacers would be best fitted, for safety



Lowered the back down a bit more. almost spot on now. Car drives alot better now its more level. It didn't like the back being so much higher than the front. Its stopped that bouncy feeling at low speed

Looking at my sig pic below, I think the back is still a touch high, hard to tell gravel drive is on a slop & a bit uneven.....