HI every one im new to this forum and im hungarian so im sorry if disappoint some one with my english the reason why im here because if some need some help for hes BMW this is the best place for it!!!!

i bought an e36 318is for 400£ 140k in it i wanna usit for drift i know the engine is not the best one one day i will swap it but first of all i wanna
is it worth to swap the rear axel with E36 M3 Evo 3.2 rear axle with LSD or its gonna be to heavy what sould i do with the front and m3 coilovers wishbones would make a different or better if i just get a Polyurethane Bushing Kit with an x brace? i use my car for shopping as well so my money is tight im looking for advice what should i where should i start ?