Hi, I recently changed my front disks and pads all round as they were slightly past spec on wear at 58k, I was also getting some faint judder in braking which I thought might be warping or uneven breaking material baked on the disk. However I still have it with my shiny new disks and have made sure I have bedded the pads in with them very nicely. I've also noted warping is pretty rare and that there's no pedal pulsing and it's only on uneven/ broken surfaces. On my e46 330 msport I had to replace the front steering arms at around 50k due to wear so am wondering if it's worn bushes on my e91. If so what bushes are the likely culprits and is it worth replacing them with polyurethane power flex or would I have to do the whole front end (£200) (or whole car, £1200 eek!!!!).