Unfortuantley as per usual i have had to rethink the plans due to budget constraints (tell me something new)......

So im sorting the current brake problem at the minute but on the upgrade front the following has changed:

Rear brake upgrade to 328i vert - Scrapped the idea, cannot find a set up anywhere and tbh, not alot of braking is done at the rear anyway!

Front Upgrade to 330 brakes - Located calipers for a good price however the cost of performance discs and pads (280 and 65 quid respectively), mean this is on the back burner.

ARB upgrade to eibachs - Cannot afford them, however the car was orgianally a 318is before the M50 engine was dropped in, and so still has the 318is anti roll bars.
Is there a oem upgrade that will reduce roll at front and rear? Maybe 325i, 328i? These would have powerflex bushes fitted.

Many Thanks