1997 E36 328i Sport Coupe - replacing rear springs


Thread: 1997 E36 328i Sport Coupe - replacing rear springs

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  1. 1997 E36 328i Sport Coupe - replacing rear springs 
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    n00b question - hopefully I'm posting this in the right place and am not asking a question that's been asked a million times before!

    I need some advice on springs if you don't mind. Here's the situation:
    I recently bought a '97 328i Sport Coupe. It's lowered 40mm front and 30mm rear on the standard yellow Bilstein shocks. I replaced the rear tyres last week with Avon ZZ3s, which have a much squarer sidewall then the Bridgestone runflats that were on before, so now the tyres are scrubbing the arches under acceleration, cornering, over bumps etc.
    I've looked into various options (increased negative camber, rolling the arches, fitting smaller wheels etc), but having realised that the rear springs are a bit knackered and need replacing, I might as well kill two birds with one stone and just increase the ride height a little.

    I don't want to go to standard height as it'll probably look a bit 4x4-ish on the 18"s, so I was looking at something like this: http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/Perfor.../0/54065/24196

    So, that's a very long-winded way of saying... will those springs fit my shocks, or are the Bilstein units wildly different dimensionally to the standard 328i units?

    ...or is there another (cheapish) solution that anyone can recommend?

    Thanks! Here's the car in question:

    (driver's side sitting slightly lower than passenger side)


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    Hello mate
    I think your problem 'could' be the wheels as they are 18 inch. People fit these for show but the best size for your car is 17 inch,( but try and find some!) also the off set may be pushing the tyres close to the arch. The arches do look full of wheel. Lowering is a problem on road cars for the reasons you have mentioned and the dredded speed bumps that we have everywhere.

    I am told that eibach springs work well with an E36 also you can check out this online shop

    If you go to the Rochford tyre wheel and tyre fitment guide it will give you an idea if your wheels are bigger overall than standard.
    I think the correct offset for an E36 is between 35-47, the standard wheels on my 328 are 47 and the M3 wheels are 41 offset. The lower the number the more the edge of the wheel is pushed towards the wheel arch.
    Thus a low number offset, big wheels and lowering the car means the wheels will rub.

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