I've decided as my car is approaching the 100k mark (currently 96.5k) to sort out the suspension system and try and improve the handling its lost over the years.

Originally I was just going to change the shocks and bushings for BMW parts but they wanted silly money. So I had a look on Ebay but it was coming to £300 just for the shocks

So for reasons beyond my comprehension its cheaper to lower the car with aftermarket performance/upgraded parts and pay the premium increase (£35) than it is to use stock parts

Basically I just want some opinions on the list below. Now I don't have a huge budget but I'm not looking to do this until Feb/March so I've got plenty of time to buy the parts and fit them all in one go. I also need to clear out my garage so that I've got the space to carry out the work, and there's a lot of crap in there hence the 2/3 month lead time


Hottuning TA Technix Coilovers £165

Hottuning shortened drop links £29

Adjustable Top Mounts £72 (BIN)

Powerflex Front & Rear Bushings £240

Rear Strut Mount Reinforcement Free from work

Plus Hub-centric Spacers (if needed)

And while they're off the car I'm going to get the ARB's, wishbones, lollipops, etc powder coated to give them some extra protection from rust worms

So what are you thoughts and opinions?