e36 m52 328i with rotrex supercharger.. advise needed!


Thread: e36 m52 328i with rotrex supercharger.. advise needed!

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  1. e36 m52 328i with rotrex supercharger.. advise needed! 
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    long story short and im finally coming around to building the engine thats going into my supercharged 328.

    im currently running a rotrex c30-94 charger running 5-6 psi and making just under 300bhp on my e36 328i

    ive got most of the bits lined up but im strugling on what headgasket i need. its going to be running about 10-12 psi so not a great deal and ive heard alot of different ideas on what to go with.

    ive been told to use the oversize standard headgasket (2.05mm compared to 1.75mm) and that that will hold the boost at that level, others have said cometec, and others say any mls headgasket would do...

    has anyone had any experience with this and got any ideas on the best aproach or a decent supplyer?

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    10-12psi is still quite a lot of pressure.
    A thicker multi layer steel headgasket will help lower the effective compression ratio in the cylinders.
    I use a Cometics 0.140" MLS headgasket on my 328i turbo, which will allow me to run much higher boost pressure than most superchargers usually generate.
    0.140" is the thickest they currently offer, (and I have comfortably run nearly 20psi during testing and mapping.)
    I'd recommend a set of ARP head studs as well - these have a higher tensile strength than standard head bolts, and will help prevent pulling the threads out of the block whilst re-building.

    The oversize standard head gaskets are normally sold for cyclinder heads that have been skimmed before a rebuild - to take up the extra volume lost by skimming away material - so using one on a standard un-modified head, will slightly decrease the compression ratio (which isn't necessarily a bad thing for your setup.)
    My advice is go for a thick 0.140" gasket (Cometic or similar brand), and ARP head-studs - but I have seen projects of superchargers running circa 10psi on standard head gaskets....

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