Hi All,

I could do with some help and advice. I have bought a BMW E46 318 Ci 2002 coupe last week. A non runner. Coolant keeps dropping low. Mechanics have checked it and advised me to buy a new coolant expansion tank for now which i have done. The guy who i bought it off said it could be a possible head gasket. I cant see any usual creamy substance on the oil cap or dipstick.

I have bought a new battery, it fires up first time without a prob. Obviously needs a service. Can anyone give me any other ideas on what it could be??

Other main problem is the electrics, all the windows do not open from the switches inside but do open and close with the key from driver door.

Hazards & Indicator lights come on when activated but dont show indicator flashing on the dash. Although they actual indicators are flashing outside.

Windows wipers do not work either. No movement or sound what so ever.

Can some please help me. Seems like a bit much but I thought theres got to be some pros on this forums who can help me.