I have gotten a V reg 316i compact with low mileage 1 owner from new, very well looked after (wanted a nice one) and now I want to supercharge it.

I am friends with a fabrication company who will be building my manifold. but was wondering if there is a better charger to go with, the M45 works well with the 1.6 mini engine on the cooper so perhaps an m62 would be a better option but i was also looking at Mercedes superchargers.

I have read talk of using the ones from the c180 but again that is a 1.8 and only makes 143ps, whihc is similar to the standard power of the m44 1.9 engine anyways.

The M271 engined C230 kompressor was also a 1.8 but made 192ps. more promising. but as to which charge it used I do not know.

can anyone with the knowledge shed some light on this for me? I am hoping to make 200 horsepower but as the DA kit's are very rare this is the reason I'm looking at building my own. It will take me a little time to compile the parts and I have suspension and brakes to upgrade before thinking of adding more power.

thanks in advance