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  1. 1998 E36/7 s/c engine cooling 
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    Well I need some ideas and potential options on cooling under the bonnet, this is a 2 way problem

    1. under bonnet temperature
    2. inlet charge temperature

    At the moment the high temps are killing potential performance.

    I have a few ideas of my own, but wanted a few more incase i have missed anything

    1. Under bonnet temps

    Removal of insulation
    New cold air feed to engine bay
    Bonnet louvers (side or maybe top mount) – to create crossflow air effect
    Exhaust/manifold wrap

    2. Inlet charge temperature

    Water injection
    Water/Methanol Injection
    Nitrous oxide
    Chargecooling ?? not sure how this could be effectively achieved, I have one idea, but throw it out to the forum !

    Sensible answer and ideas welcomed please

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    Interested in this as well as starting down the road you've gone down but in a different car body.

    I've already wrapped the exhaust which has helped but did wonder about the special coatings companies but when I saw a quote of over £400 for a simple manifold I moved on. Wraps seem to help but was a fiddle to get fitting well.

    I was looking to use the radiator air flow to go past exhaust and out, using some simple coated panels to achieve the flow direction and then to feed cold air to intake side.

    Having read around the water seems to have caused problems on the SC side of things. Have been playing with ideas of cooling air before SC and then trying to keep it cool afterwards, have an M62 to install so expecting to come up with the cooling issue you speak of.

    The basic ideas so far are to use air flow and vents to keep the radiator and warm air on exhaust side and flowing separately from the intake side and use cold air feeds to insulated air box and cold air feeds to pass by intakes and out.

    Was expecting to have to cool air post SC somehow and seems you've got there already.

    Not much help as I'm a few months behind you in the project.

    CO2 has been used for short burst activity on a few projects in US I've found but seem to be too many issues for practical use.

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    Is the charger bolted directly onto the head, or is there a spacer?

    I've seen teflon manifold spacers used to great effect in track Peugeots.

    without them, the throttle housings picked up quite a lot of heat from the head, with the spacer in, they were cool to the touch.

    It won't have such a big effect on an s/c, as the compressing generates it's own heat anyway, but isolating the charger from the hotter cyl head will keep things a little cooler.

    A chargecooler/intercooler will be a pain, as you'd need to shift the charger 2 inches or more over to slot the cooler inbetween, and that would mess up all the pulleys and belts.

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