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    hi guys, my name is tristan and im looking into buying a 325 e36, preferably a 4 door saloon ir not then a coupe, mainly for drifting but it will be a daily driver once finished.

    i currently drift an mx5 in which im learning to drift, (couple of pics):

    Attachment 54314

    Attachment 54322

    im aware i can use the search function or google as no doubt many member will tell me but if anyone can be of any help, like suggesting links or info id really appreciate it.

    few questions if anyone could help:

    are there any differences between the e36 325's as far as which is best to turbo?

    also i was originally thinking of getting a 328 but as i understand that engine (m52??), is an ally engine, whereas the 325 (m50??) is a cast engine and from what ive read just using arp head bolts and an mls head gasket the stock internals can handle upto approx 450bhp, could anyone confirm this?

    i would only be looking at 400bhp max myself from this car (if thats possible), so if anyone could link any build threads or a good source of info for looking into turboing a e36 325 id really appreciate it.

    finally ill also be getting a good set of coilovers and more than likely rack spacers (a friend of mine has a cheap 328 with rack spacers and the extra lock is pretty impressive), if anyone can suggest a good source of reading for suspension setup too id find that helpful.

    i took this post from the introductions thread, hope you dont mind guys, just thought i would get more help here

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    you can use the crank and con rods from the 2.8 in the 2.5 to increase capacity
    BMW E36 328i Sport - Turbocharged

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    The e36 328 and 323 use an alloy block which would be more sensitive to heat if you're looking for mega power.
    The e36 325 has a steel block which is said to handle the heat better.
    All 3 models have the same bore, only the 328 has a longer stroke to increase displacement, so using the crank and pistons from a 328 in a 325 steel block is preferred by many.
    I retained the 328 alloy block, currently running power in the region of 400bhp quite safely and reliably - but this is with a standalone engine management system.
    DO NOT expect to reliably run a turbocharger on the standard engine management, and DO NOT expect the build to be easy or cheap.
    Have a read through the link provided by @Payno above - this is my project (currently for sale) - you should find a fair amount of information.
    I'm not active on this forum much but will happily answer any questions you might have - although I'd recommend registering on the *************** site as I am much more available on there...

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